mercredi 15 juin 2022

Makes the World go round

Illustration for the Cicolo THONET event at Milano design week 2022

A carousel  Installation designed by  Sebastian Herkner 

samedi 11 juin 2022

Time for LOVE

"At what time do we love 
each other ?"

for Madame Figaro

Do you know my Husband ?

"Women in charge of communication ... of their Husbands" for Madame Figaro

jeudi 12 mai 2022

La Folie des années Folles

The madness of the Roaring Twenties in Germany

About the Madness of 
the roaring twenties 
in Germany ...


mardi 3 mai 2022

Hypocondrie en temps de pandémie !

Being hypocondriac during pandemic times ! 

For Freundin Magazine Germany

vendredi 7 janvier 2022

"Maison Horoscope" Zodiac collection 2022


Horoscope 2022 Zodiac signs collection for Madame Figaro